Windows 11 FAQ

1) Should I just upgrade to Windows 11 since my computer can handle it?

Depends! Are you running specialized software that needs to be tested in the Windows 11 environment? Best to hold off.

If you do not have specialized software/hardware that could impact the upgrade – as long as you have a reliable backup of your data and are comfortable with the process, please feel free to upgrade to Windows 11 through the Windows Update tool. We have very rare instances of issues with the upgrade at this time.

2) Can I just keep using the computers I have?

Yes – through Oct. 2025 you can run any computer running Windows 10. We encourage clients to be ahead of the deadline and plan to turn of all systems running Windows 10 after the EOL (end of life) date as they will not receive security updates and become a liability on your network.

3) Will you upgrade our systems for us?

YES! We will be reaching out to clients to upgrade all systems to Windows 11 over the next 2 years. We will run a backup and install the latest version of Window 11 in coordination with each client/staff and plan accordingly for troubleshooting any issues that come up.

4) Should I just replace all my computers?

Depends. Advantage Computing does encourage clients to replace any computer that is more than 1 year out of warranty (typically 4 years old) as the reliability and speed differences of the newer processors tens to lead to less technical problems and more productivity for your staff. If finances don’t allow for a full replacement of all computers, a gradual roll out from oldest to newest is a prudent and cost affective approach.

Windows 11 FAQ
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