Firewall Policies and Procedures

Advantage does not recommend trusting your local ISP (internet service provider) to run and control your network.  While ISPs continue to improve the equipment they provide or sell their clients, we do not believe these companies should be in control or have direct access to your internal network.  You will most likely need to purchase or use the ISP modem but we recommend placing a firewall between your network and the ISP connection.

We sell Linux Based firewall appliances that are customized to each client.  They do the following by default:

  • Funnel your network traffic to the internet providing basic NAT translation
  • Filters and blocks all external traffic that isn’t part of existing communications
  • Properly control and segment your network for security and compliance standards
  • Allow VPN Tunneling into your network
  • Provide logging on internet traffic
  • (optional) Allow for Deny All Rules for your secure network
  • (optional) Provide traffic analysis and blocking
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