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We feel it's our duty to help local individuals with their IT issues, as it's hard to find IT support that you can trust. When we are not busy with our contracted clients, we offer similar contracted services to help you with your home computer or laptop at a reasonable cost. We are not a public facing store - please call to find out more about our support services.

Small Business

We pride ourselves in supporting small business in the local community that value their IT and know how important it is to keep their systems maintained. See our Tiered options for more information about the type of proactive support we can provide you as a small business.

Our Services


Design, Deployment, Secure Engineering, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Wireless and more.

Technology Integration

Making sure all the devices at your business are working together, in a secure environment, with minimal downtime.

Cloud and Local Servers

We believe in customizing your network structure to best suit your business. Some business function locally with data in house, some need everything in the cloud and many need a balanced approach.


We assist you to lock your network down, implement and create good staff policies and procedures while also creating recovery options for ransomware attacks and disaster recovery situations.

We are proud resellers of the following products:

ACES – is the acronym for Advantage Computing & Electronic Services.  The OR is for Oregon where we provide our services.  You can also find us at

Our rates are based on the type of relationship we have with the business (or individual).  For project support or direct individual help we charge $130/hr in 1/10 hour increments plus materials.  For Contracted IT the client has paid for the fundamental maintenance and projects are estimated based on the contracted agreement.
Estimates require a $300 down payment that if approved is applied to the project – this covers our estimating costs. 

We do not have a store front and cannot guarantee someone will be at our office.  You are always welcome to call and schedule an appointment or if you need to drop something off, call the main line and confirm someone is in the office before dropping by.

Great question.  You shouldn’t.  In this environment we highly encourage you to question everything, especially in digital form.  This is why we believe in personal interactions and providing one on one support.  While we may remote into your system, we want you to know who is doing the work.  If you ever feel like something is off, maybe someone is trying to impersonate our staff, always question them.  If on the phone, ask to call them back on their extension.  If in email, ask them to call.  We prefer caution at all costs and will always accommodate clients questioning who we are. 

Meet the Team

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Compliance Support

Assisting you with your Business' security needs

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