About Us

About Us

Advantage Legacy – Our founding members started providing technical support to the mid-Willamette Valley in 1986.  The second iteration of Advantage developed as a partnership in 2013 between Bill & Terry and grew to include Jim in 2016.  By 2019 we added Austen and Amy.  2021 was a tough year as we lost both Bill and Terry.  At the start of 2022 Jim purchased the business hired Aiden and Diane. 

We are currently rebuilding in 2022 and are shifting toward Contracted IT on top of the legacy services Bill and Terry always provided. 

Our goal is to provide personal technical support that you can trust.  While so much can be done remotely, we believe that showing up in person builds relationships.  Technical Support teams have access to your companies most sensitive data, therefore it’s important to know and trust the person to whom you give unfettered access.  We pride ourselves on the integrity and confidentiality that we bring to the table. 

If you are interested in building a serious working relationship with a team of technicians who place you and your business best interest first, contact us for more information.

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