Ticket Support Process

Thank you for submitting a ticket to Advantage. We want you to know the process of how we track and maintain your requests.


  1. Tickets are automatically generated and linked to your email when submitted – you should get a response with your ticket number.
  2. Our Project Coordinator or a Technician will review your request and update the ticket to track the type of request and assign your SLA which determines how quickly we handle your request based on various metrics.
  3. We will schedule your ticket to be dealt with based on staff availability and severity of the impact to your business.
  4. You will get responses as the ticket process proceeds and ticket information will be updated based on status.

You can view your status through our Customer Portal if you’ve requested access. If you are part of a larger business, the primary contact may be the only one who has Portal Access.


What is a “Ticket”?

A ticket is a special document or record that represents an incident, alert, request, or event that requires action from Advantage Computing. 

What is the lifecycle of a Ticket?

Tickets can come from multiple locations:

  • Alert generated from our Software System monitoring your computers/servers
  • Internally generated by a staff person to track a request, problem or issue (phone call/email)
  • Created by you through sending email to our Ticketing system or creating a Ticket in the Customer Portal

When a ticket has a status of “New” it means we haven’t seen it or responded to it after it was generated. When a ticket has been looked at, it should get shifted to an in progress status which can be “Assigned”, “Scheduled”, “On Hold” or a few other options that put it into an in-progress status. If the ticket is placed into a status of “Waiting on Client Response” our system will try to contact you automatically for 48 hours. If you do not respond it will automatically close the ticket. You can always re-open a ticket by responding to the thread of the ticket. A “closed” ticket means we’ve resolved the ticket and consider it closed.

Why are you using a Ticketing System to track my requests?

Ticketing systems let us keep track of everything that happens after you make a request to us. We use this to make sure we don’t drop requests and also to track our time and expenses with regard to the request or project. We try to put as much detail into the system as we can as this will help us in the future if a problem is persistent. It also helps us learn from other clients and apply those lessons to all other clients to provide the best servers possible.

This is too confusing, why is there so much info in these Tickets?

The ticket emails will come through as long threads of text showing our conversation. This can be confusing but if you consider it a rolling collection of the conversation with the most recent at the top, you just need to pay attention to the top of the email. The rest is for tracking purposes and can be ignored unless you want to remember or see what was previously said on the record. We hide our own notes and details even though they are part of the system, we try to limit the ticket discussions to only pertinent information we think you’ll want to know. We are also learning how to clean this up and refine it so thank you for your patience as we stream line these systems.

Why did I get a ticket for something I didn’t ask for?

We use tickets to track almost everything now at Advantage Computing. If you got an email about a ticket for something you don’t recognize or don’t understand, it’s most likely continued maintenance and part of your contract. We try to track all activities so you know exactly what we are doing for you. Many of these we may never need to contact you but our system may send a notification of the activity. Feel free to delete it or if you think it is in error, always reach out and we can clarify or fix an issue with our system. Again, we are always trying to improve our systems and appreciate your patience and help.

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