Ticket Support Process

Thank you for submitting a ticket to Advantage. We want you to know the process of how we track and maintain your requests.

  1. Tickets are automatically generated and linked to your email when submitted – you should get a response with your ticket number.
  2. Our Project Coordinator or a Technician will review your request and update the ticket to track the type of request and assign your SLA which determines how quickly we handle your request based on various metrics.
  3. We will schedule your ticket to be dealt with based on staff availability and severity of the impact to your business.
  4. You will get responses as the ticket process proceed and ticket information will be updated based on status.

You can view your status through our Customer Portal if you’ve requested access. If you are part of a larger business, the primary contact may be the only one who has Portal Access.

FAQ – Soon to be added

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