We design and deploy business networks from the ground up. We also have become adept at securing and providing troubleshooting and maintenance for your existing networks. While we always encourage wired networking whenever possible, wireless secure networks are a key requirement in many businesses.

Technology Integration

The last thing you need is to spend hours of your valuable time troubleshooting a piece of equipment that is “supposed” to work out of the box for you. We do our best to be agnostic with equipment so that we have the capacity to troubleshoot all your technological needs whether it’s as simple as a printer or as complex as a 3D scanner. We will always take the burden on to work with your equipment provider and get things running.

Cloud and Local Servers

We believe in customizing your network structure to best suit your business. Some business function locally with data in house, some need everything in the cloud and many need a balanced approach. We take a holistic approach to your business and how technology should or shouldn’t be involved in your company.


Security is becoming more and more of an issues for all size businesses. While the large data breaches make the news, 60% of small businesses close their doors within 6 months of a data breach. We assist you to lock your network down, implement and create good staff policies and procedures while also creating recovery options for ransomware attacks and disaster recovery situations.

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