User controls

Advantage encourages the control of staff accounts from a centralized system to both simplify IT support needs and give greater control to limit the impact of staff transitions.  We also recommend the following items by default for all clients.

  • Staff On-boarding and Off-boarding procedures
  • User Controls that include the following settings
    • Inactivity Lockout
    • Firewall Enabled
  • Password Policy documented and given to all staff requiring the following
    • Minimum 8 characters (preferably longer)
    • Password not used for other accounts
    • Does not include any publicly available information about the staff person or company (i.e. names, dates, etc.)
    • Requirement never to share password with anyone, including IT
  • Administrative policies that include
    • All users as standard users (no admin privileges)
    • Tools to allow specific staff or all staff to be trained on how to use a local admin in specific situations
    • (optional) Logging of activity for users and admin accounts
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