Password Management

The greatest threat to your data is you.  Most of us have used the same password over and over.  Some have used a variation on a password.  Few of us actually use complex unique passwords for every website on the web…how can you ever remember what you did?  Some write it down on paper and leave it next to their computer.  Some keep it in a document called… “Passwords.doc”.  

If you’ve spent any time reading or listening to security experts, you know that each password should be unique and that you should not store them 1) in an unsecured location or 2) in your web-browser.  While browser technology has drastically improved since the initial password storage option, we still do not recommend you trust the browser with your passwords.

The best location to save all your passwords is in a doubly encrypted database that you can link in your browser through an extension or plugin.  Our research has shown that the two top Password Managers are LastPass and Bitwarden (we do not have any relationship with them).  If you want a large company behind the produce, go with LastPass.  If you want opensource and small go with Bitwarden.  They both are very similar in approach and use the doubly encrypted database so your passwords are safe.

Everything includes risk, but Password Managers like LastPass and Bitwarden are much less risky than using Browsers, Keychain or Windows Credential Manager.  

Password Management
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