Our Team

Terry Maloney

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Joining ACES in 2006, Terry became a partner in Advantage Computing this year. His background is diverse and includes customer service, electronics & PC repair, production development, quality control, software development, data tracking, mobile solutions planning, network development & implementation, as well as technology development.

Terry began his career in IT and Electronic services as a teenager working for his family’s heating and air installation and repair company in Kansas. While earning his B.S. in Physics in Greenville, Illinois; Terry became only the second student to hold the title of Station Manager and Systems Engineer at the college radio station.

After graduation he worked for Mirex, an office machines service and repair company in St. Louis, Mo. as a field technician for 2 years. He was factory certified to work on multiple Canon and Konica Photo Copy Systems.

Terry moved to Corvallis in 1992, and started working at Hewlett Packard as a Research and Development Technician in 1994. He helped develop and deploy about a dozen high volume production lines from prototype to fully functional systems distributed worldwide. In 2000, he transitioned to Systems Integration Engineering, developing production lines from the ground up. He worked with a worldwide team developing integration of network, computer, mechanical, robotic, and pneumatic systems, creating user interfaces with data tracking.

When not working, Terry (a self-diagnosed techno junky) enjoys nothing more than a safari through the nearest electronics store hunting new tech toys.


Bill Magedanz

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Bill Magedanz has developed an extensive background of technical expertise involving electronic and computer related systems. This experience includes a wide range of organizations - private and public. His 40 years of experience with electronic and computer devices includes the design of specialized electronic equipment for measurement and control; the installation, maintenance, and operation of computer and networked systems; and software applications written in both high level languages and low level assemblers.

He has provided professional services to organizations in the public and private sectors in the areas of WAN/LAN design and installation; network design and administration; hardware and software selection and upgrading; and program design.

Bill has provided failure analysis investigations involving electronic and computer systems and has given expert testimony concerning his investigations. Bill received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oregon State University, graduating with honors.

When not working, Bill prefers to be out hiking or backpacking to further pursue his enjoyment of photography.

Jim Davidson

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Jim Davidson joins the team as the resident "Mac Guy" and newest addition in 2015. He brings over 15 years of support experience to the table focusing on mixed environments of PC and Mac Computers. He is well versed in Windows, OS X and Linux environments and enjoys troubleshooting all types of systems.

A musician by trade, he is the part time Music Director at First United Methodist Church (along with Technical Coordinator) and enjoy's making music professionally up and down the Willamette Valley.

Jim brings a passion for helping people not only fix things, but understand their technology in order to better beneift from it. When not conducting, working or dabbling with electronics, you can find him spending time with his wife Nicole and their yellow labrador named Sugar.